Friday, 28 October 2016


The once big and deep Luwangli River (Luwangli Turel) leads the way to my home from Tiddim Road. Halfway to my home, the river gives numerous small tributaries (langkhong in meiteilon). One of these langkhongs run just in front of our house.  As the time progresses, ruthless and relentless indeed for them, the laangkhongs no longer are big and bold. They have succumbed to the hands of people and time. As i write this, i think i sort of have started to understand how much my father misses his childhood. He would invariably mention about how mighty luwangli was.

PS: Some of our neighbours filled up one of the laangkhongs and built a house there. Who are we to defy the course and consequences of time but can we not atleast defy the consequences we bring..

Friday, 14 October 2016


People try to find friends in whom they can see themselves. In this process of giving and taking, many people spend a lifetime. Yet unable to succeed in their quest. Life changes with time but time is again a mere measure of chang. What I have today, I may not have tomorrow. This is what life is. Take care. Find a friend, a true friend, coz one day in the near future you would sit in a corner of your room and think why you don't have someone to share. We see the surrounding only when you get out of the room. So, friends, please get out of your preoccupations and try to see the world. It is Beautiful. Enjoy the reality with the people dear and near to you, not with your people in your virtual world. Learn to be happy with whatever minimal things you have, coz for someone that might be the best they could have

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


You know the longing eventually comes to an end when the realisation of the stage where our life is poised happens. It is not the time to keep thinking about something which can't travel back in line. Time is a dimension which has only positive value, the forward thrust. It can't ever come back but in our memories, a virtual negative vector. Embrace loved ones, precious moments. Show love not hatred, help but don't expect anything in return for people live with an undefined something always ready to haunt them once it's been unleashed..

Friday, 19 August 2016

My View on relation between Hinduism and Sanamahi Laining of Manipur

I am neither a historian nor a scholar of religion. I simply do have some knowledge (truth- more than many of the pseudo sanamahi scholars) about the similarities of Hinduism and Sanamahi Laining. South East Asia was under the influence of Hinduism for more than 15 centuries which began in circa 100 BC and continued till the advent of Islam in these places, roughly around 14-16th century AD. The Influence originated from Eastern India and the last force to extend was from South India.  In the religious mythology of the Meiteis, the Supreme Lord, Atiya Kuru Sidaba created many creatures before successfully creating human being - based on his own image. Lord Sanamahi and His Brother Ebudhou Pakhangba had a contest of travelling the world 7 times and whoever returns first was to be crowned the ruler of the Kingdom. So Lord Sanamahi set out but when he returns, Ebudhou Pakhangba was already the King. He got to know that Ebudhou Pakhangba was told circling around his father's throne for 7 times is equivalent to travelling the world 7 times . Hence the Name Pakhangba (Pa- Father , Khangba- To know). Similar writings are available in Hinduism about the creation of Human Being and travelling the World. BRAHMA created human from his own soul. Lord Kartikeya travelled the world thrice while His brother Ganesha circled around this father for 3 times. I believe the Religion that we the Meities followed before the advent of Vaishnavsim in the valley at around mid 1800s was a form of Pre Mauryan or may be post Mauryan or Chola Dynasty Hinduism which had firm influence all over South East Asia and which shaped the Cultural and Religious Lifestyle of these peoples.. I hope the historians make a good research....

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Kadi Ao Ni

I have been listening to Kadi Ao Ni sung by Atif Aslam and Mai Dhai in Coke Studio 8, Pakistan for the 15th time in 2 hours now. My heart's been truely captured by the lyrics and the singers added by the soul breaking music. The song is a Rajasthani/Punjabi/ Hindustani (khariboli) ballad of two lovers who live in different places (country) now.

The Boy is now in a different place (country) but he hasn't forgotten her. He wants to go back to meet her.. Years have passed with many excuses (Beete zamaane kisi bahaane). Ever corner of his home is filled with her memories wants her to remember him all her life even though they are at different places now. (Wahaan jaane ke baad saari umar)

How the girl yearns for him to come back atleast for once and see her. Explains how beautiful her new place ( country) is. His words still linger in her place. How people touring  her country enjoy the land - West (Datar) to East (Gajpati) to South (chattrapati) to Central (Bhopal).

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Burhan, Army, AFSPA and I

Heart for Burhan Wani but conscience says No to Proxy War.. My dear Brothers and Sisters in Kashmir, this has been happening all the same in my state too, for the last 60 years. There have been documented 1528 cases of fake encounter in Manipur, Numerous children got vanished in the last 10 years. Men were killed, women were raped by the protector, which actually is the Destroyer in disguise. AFSPA give the Protector the utmost power to fire upon or use other kinds of force even if it causes death, against the person who is acting against law or order in the disturbed area for the maintenance of public order. He had a true heart but his means of retaliation was not proper, at least. I believe everybody who is a rebel must either support the country in which he live to such an extent that the country itself bows down to him or be rich and powerful enough to wage war against the country. In his case, his rebel mind (as i believe) had no other option but to take refuge of the neighborhood. He truly became a rebel but in the process became a part of the Proxy War against the country. I wish he took the former way of being a rebel.. Congratulationsto India and Pakistan for keeping the Kashmir issue alive. You have won again. It's the loss of common people. People like me who live not knowing when my end will come, not knowing how to live a fruitful life. I have nothing more to say. Our right to freedom has long gone in the wilderness created by the Protector


My Name is Dinesh, which comes from Sanskrit , Dina - Day and Esha - Lord. My father's family practice Hinduism. My mother's family follow indigenous Meitei Religion. I spent my childhood in the company of manyalmost all Hindu friends. My family practices both elements of Hinduism and Sanamahi. I studied in a Christian School. One of my best friends in school was a Christian. My friends during the off years were almost all Muslims. My best friend to whom I look up to is a Muslim. Somewhere in the journey, I feel I have lost the feeling of hatred towards other religion which I don't follow. I feel complete with these people. We play Holi together, We do iftar together. We celebrate Christmas together. Religionis not a bone of contention in our part of India, except for few places. I hope the rest of the country develops this sense